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Tourism Regions in the Arab World

Welcome to SYRIA

Country main information:

Land area: 185,180 sq.Km
Population: 17 Million
Capital: Damascus
Language: Arabic (English & French are widely spoken)
Religion: Moslem, Christian and some minorities
Measures: Metric system
Time: +2 GMT(1st October - 31 March)
         +3 GMT(1st April - 30 September)
Working Days: Sunday through Thursday
Electricity: 220 Volts
Communication: Country code +963
Climate: A pleasant and varied Mediterranean climate
Currency: Syrian Pound (Lira)

Syria Weather

 A continental climate with extreme hot summers and cold winters.
Hottest season : July, August.

Coldest & rainiest season  : usually 6 weeks, can start in
 November or December.

Hot overday, cool evenings (especially in the North) :
 September, October.

 Presferred season by tourists : May, September.

Once the coldest period is over, nature is full of color
 (especially wild flowers) until end of May.

Syria Coast

The Syrian coast consists of long stretches of 
beach and green mountains.

 These mountains are mostly covered with pine and
 oak trees, and their slopes touch shore.

 This landscape repeats itself from Ras al-Basit in
 the north to Tartus in the south.

 On the mountains are scattered villages and
 towns with springs of clear mineral water.

Castle Aleppo

Aleppo Castle 

Aleppo Castle 

Aleppo Castle is one of the biggest castles in the middle East, 
 it has been constructed in the oldest city Aleppo. 
You can enjoy the scene  and have a meal or a drink at one of 
the resaurants just  at the front of the castle gate

Aleppo Castle 

Aleppo is the seconed City in Syria it is about 350 km (200 Mile ) north of Damscus near
 the turkish boarder ( 120 km ) .
 It is Nice rich in history City you can see the old area of the city with its mosques ,
 Khans, Hammams , Narrow streets and alleys , Houses dating back hundreds of years ago .
 It is a modern city too

Aleppo Castle 

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